PremiuMen ansiktscreme

339.00 kr

PremiuMen Ansiktscreme

PREMIUMEN Moisturizing face cream for men

50 ml
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PREMIUMEN Moisturizing face cream for men

A solidifying moisture cream that provides the skin with the optimal level of moisture that has been lost over the years. An innovative
complex enriched with collagen and mint extract that nourishes the facial skin and absorbs the skin´s natural moisture in the dermis
layer – the top layer of the face and neck skin. The collagen accelerates the skin´s rehabilitation, increases its solidification and
contributes to its youthfulness. The precise texture assists in reducing signs of fatigue, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
The cream´s optimal texture that is easily absorbed onto the skin, gives the face and eyes a continuous freshness from the moment
of application, leaving the skin saturated and smooth.
– Nourishes the skin with intensive moisture
– Is not sticky and has a light texture that absorbs easily
– Suitable for use during the day and night
– For normal to dry skin
Silicon free / Paraben free / Free of mineral oil


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